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  • “No Longer” The way to change

    Change has always been tough.It causes grief, it causes pain and trauma. In this session, I present a unique way of simplifying and sustaining change.

    “No longer” is a game designed to help embrace and sustain change at personal and org level.

    As human beings we find it difficult to create a sustain a change.If the burning need it not there, the moment we hit a road block we lose our way to a better future with the change we want to bring.

    ‘No Longer’ game explores the liminality of the subconscious mind to interpret and record the information in a way that it is easier to recall.

    In this game, you first identify the things that you want to change, the you prioritize them, you identify a way to remind you of this compelling change and create a pathway to move to the next better state of existence

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