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Regional Scrum Gathering®是Scrum联盟冠名赞助的活动. Scrum联盟成立于2001年, 是敏捷社区中规模最大、最具影响力的专业会员和认证机构. Scrum联盟®是一个非营利性协会, 在全世界有超过750,000名实践者, 我们提供主张、社区和教育, 一步步地指导敏捷实践者的旅程.

Regional Scrum Gathering℠ is a regional-based Agile conference. You will meet like-minded Agile and Scrum practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts. Regional Scrum Gathering℠ usually span across a few days. You will hear from amazing keynote speakers, participate in open space sessions, and deepen your Agile knowledge.

最近10年,随着国内数字化转型的日益兴盛,市场与客户也对商业提出了更高的要求,敏捷/敏捷转型/Scrum/Scrum Master这些词经常被提及。Regional Scrum Gathering China (Shanghai) 是由社区伙伴主办承办的大会,主要是希望搭建国内最优秀的敏捷交流平台,促进敏捷在国内的发展,不只在IT领域,是在制造业、快消、金融、汽车、流媒体、教育、生活。。。各个方面,将敏捷这种新的工作方式带给更多的人,影响更多的企业!这是我们敏捷人自己的大会,希望我们也可以逐步把我们的经验、实践、洞察逐步分享给更多的人,甚至是讲述不同语言的世界!


In the last 10 years, with the boom of digital transformation in China, both the market and customers have put forward ever demanding business requirements, and the words Agile/Agile Transformation/Scrum/Scrum Master are often mentioned. Regional Scrum Gathering℠ China (Shanghai) is a conference of the community, by the community, for the community. The main goal is to build the best Agile platform in China and promote the Agile adoption in China - not only in IT industry, but also in other industries, like manufacturing, FMCG, financial services, automotive, streaming media, education, and lifestyle etc. - in order to bring this new Agile ways of working to more people, and influence more enterprises! This is the conference for all Agile people. We hope we can gradually share our experience, practices, and insights to more people, and even to the people from different cultures, speaking different languages!

The Agile community members, with their own enthusiasm, have over time built Regional Scrum Gathering℠ China (Shanghai) into the top brand of Agile conference in China. Hopefully more members will connect with each other and contribute in the conference! We welcome you to share with us! We welcome you to join us!

大会时间: 2021 8月14-21 (非工作时间)

Conference date & time : 14th-21st August 2021 (weekdays 8-10pm Beijing Time, weekends 9:30am-5:30pm Beijing Time) – details to be finalised soon!



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