Regional Scrum Gathering®为敏捷实践者提供一次聚会的机会, 分享关于Scrum和敏捷的实践以及知识, 体验scrum 和敏捷的热情. 在为期2天的盛会中, 你将遇见志趣相投的Scrum实践者、讲师、教练和拥趸, 你也将听到惊艳的主题演讲, 参与开放空间活动, 升华你对Scrum及敏捷的理解.

Regional Scrum Gathering®是Scrum联盟冠名赞助的活动. Scrum联盟成立于2001年, 是敏捷社区中规模最大、最具影响力的专业会员和认证机构. Scrum联盟®是一个非营利性协会, 在全世界有超过750,000名实践者, 我们提供主张、社区和教育, 一步步地指导敏捷实践者的旅程.

Regional Scrum Gatherings℠ is a reginal based Agile conference. You'll meet like-minded agile and Scrum practitioners, trainers, coaches, and enthusiasts. Regional Scrum Gatherings℠ usually span days. You'll hear amazing keynote speakers, participate in open space sessions, and deepen your knowledge.

Regional Scrum Gatherings℠ is title sponsored by Scrum Alliance, which founded in 2001, they’re the largest, most established and influential professional membership and certification organization in the Agile community. Their nonprofit association has certified more than 750,000 practitioners worldwide, and it offers advocacy, community engagement, research, networking and a focus on organizational change that is transforming the world of work all over the globe.