Passionate Product Ownership

Tired of shipping products that have no impact on the market? Sick of delivering product features nobody uses? Join the “Passionate Product Ownership (PPO) Workshop” – and learn how our current development approach can be enriched to create products that customers finally love.

In this session, you will be able to:

  • Dig into Passionate Product Ownership! Get to know this enriched approach to Agile development, inspired by Jeff Patton’s “Product Thinking”, building up on Scrum, Design Thinking, User Story Mapping & LEAN Startup – and aiming at maximizing the outcome and impact of products through so-called “Discovery”.
  • Go through brief lectures and eye-opening hands-on exercises on defining product success, differentiating output vs. outcome, transforming requirements to opportunities, putting a learning plan together – and even having a closer look into your morning routine!
  • See how the PPO approach connects to the current Scrum process and some good practices/ideas to try.
  • 工作坊
  • Nicolas Leclercq(陆轲)& Carol Wang(汪婷)
  • Nicolas Leclercq(陆轲): Head of APJ central Agile team,over 10 years experiences in Lean, Agile, Design Thinking areas.
    Carol Wang(汪婷): Product Owner of China central Agile team, Senior Agile Coach, speaker of Agile Tour 2018, agile practitioner & learner always

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