“No Longer” The way to change

Change has always been tough.It causes grief, it causes pain and trauma. In this session, I present a unique way of simplifying and sustaining change.

“No longer” is a game designed to help embrace and sustain change at personal and org level.

As human beings we find it difficult to create a sustain a change.If the burning need it not there, the moment we hit a road block we lose our way to a better future with the change we want to bring.

‘No Longer’ game explores the liminality of the subconscious mind to interpret and record the information in a way that it is easier to recall.

In this game, you first identify the things that you want to change, the you prioritize them, you identify a way to remind you of this compelling change and create a pathway to move to the next better state of existence

In this game, the participants are given hand outs which contain a simple template with three columns, the middle column has the word No Longer written on it. They can choose to play this game individually or as a pair with someone from their own organization/team.

Each pair/ individual writes down things in the third column they no longer want to do. Either at a professional/ personal level. Typically the participants come up with a list of 10-15 items.

In the second part of the game they discuss with their nominated pair or a randomly chosen peer participant about the benefits they would get if they change these things. The peer participant may ask them question about the need or history.

this would help them whittle down the list to 3 items

Next they prepare a time chart of sorts over a specified period for changing those habits and keep it with them, Post workshop. They can tehn ask someone to call them daily/ weekly and they can mark on that sheet with a Y/N if they have been able to change it till now

Next, I introduce VDBM which is focused on soceital/family/org level change and how we can provide value to each stakeholder to help them change their behaviour.

It also introduces a template to identify the stakeholders that we want to change, what these stakeholders value and what action items we will undertake to help them change

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